Transmission Trouble?

Look no Further

Bringing your vehicle to Scooters Transmission in Weatherford ensures you are dealing with a knowledgeable and trustworthy automotive professional who can determine whether you need a transmission repair or rebuild. At Scooters, we understand that today’s transmission represents the single most complex system in your car, consisting of hundreds of components that, together, allow your vehicle to function. Among the many parts that make up the whole, you have transmission fluid, universal joints, torque converter, and shift silenoid, not to mention the planetary gearset and the sensors. These are intricate and dynamic parts, requiring the attention of a capable auto professional. So much hinges on the condition of your transmission. Scooters Transmission is dedicated to providing top notch service so that you can stay road-ready and keep scooting!

In need of general maintenance or other repairs? Scooters has you covered there as well! You can avoid costly and avoidable repairs by simply committing to regularly-scheduled maintenance every 30,000 miles (otherwise known as 30/60/90K). Typically, the first step in 30/60/90K maintenance is to inspect the vehicle’s major systems for signs of trouble. The professionals at Scooters are here for you Weatherford!      

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